What Is An Unlimited Beat Lease?

What Is An Unlimited Beat Lease?

What Is An Unlimited Beat Lease

An unlimited beat lease is a legal agreement between a music producer and an artist that grants the artist permission to make and monetize a song with the producer’s beat but without any stream or sale limits for the song.

Why Unlimited Beat Leases Are Good For Artists

If you lease beats from other music producers, most of them put limits on their beats. That means that once you exceed a specific stream or sale limit, you are legally obligated to either renew your lease license or take down your song.

This can limit the amount of money an artist can make with their song over the producer’s beat, and cause the artist to be confused if they don’t know how to properly track their streams. Keeping track of streams across all of the streaming platforms can be a hassle, which also can create legal issues for artists if they unknowingly exceed their streaming limits.

In order to get rid of this headache for artists, I made all of the beats on my website available as unlimited beat leases or for exclusive only use. This means that you can lease my beats and generate however much money you want with them with no streaming or sales limits.

Shop At L. Marquee Productions For the Most Affordable 

Unlimited beat leases in the form of WAVs and trackouts make L. Marquee Productions one of the best places to buy beats on the Internet by offering some of the most affordable unlimited leases on the market. Check my FAQs page for more information on beat leases.

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