What does it mean to lease a beat?

When you purchase a beat lease, you're purchasing the right to use the beat in a non-exclusive capacity. L. Marquee will still own the full copyright ownership of the composition and will be able to sell non-exclusive licenses to other artists.

Are there any tags in the beats after they're purchased?

Nope! After you purchase a lease license, all of the tags are completely removed.

Can I use your beats for free for nonprofit?

While you can download the tagged versions of my beats for free, you may not release them even for nonprofit purposes. The purpose of the free download is so you can write and record a song over these beats before you commit to purchasing a license to use them.

What's the difference between WAV Unlimited and Trackouts Unlimited?

WAV Unlimited comes with the untagged beat as a single WAV file. WAV files are higher in quality in comparison to mp3 files since they are uncompressed, and are the bare minimum files that you need for your music to sound professional. Trackouts include each instrument in the beat on its own individual file (one file for the melody, one file for the kick drum, etc). This is the best option for those who want to have complete control over the mix of the entire song as well as more flexibility when it comes to arranging the song. You can get the absolute best results by having the trackouts to the beat.

How much are the exclusive rights?

The price for the exclusive rights varies on multiple factors such as how many times the beat has been leased before and how old the beat is. If you're interested in purchasing an exclusive beat, please contact LMarqueeProductions@gmail.com

Why are some of your beats exclusive only?

While beat leases are more affordable than exclusive beats, many artists don't mind paying a higher price for exclusivity. While the majority of my beats will be available to lease nonexclusively, I am experimenting with offering some of them exclusively.

Can you make me a custom beat

Absolutely! Contact me at LMarqueeProductions@gmail.com so we can discuss your vision for your song.

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