2-Track Mixing and Mastering

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You worked super hard to write and record your song. Now, you need it to sound professional. Mixing is the process of balancing each instrument in a song to achieve clarity, depth, warmth, and punch.

  • 2-Track Mixing and Mastering is for you if you only have a single mp3 or WAV file of the entire beat and need your vocals mixed to it.
  • Includes auto-tune, but does NOT include manual vocal tuning 
  • Up to 3 revisions
  • Alternative versions will be delivered upon request (instrumental, acapella, clean version, performance track)


Once purchased, send trackouts to lmarqueeproductions@gmail.com
Use subject "2-Track Mixing + Mastering | * your name*"
Send each individual track in 24-bit WAV format with no processing on them unless it is necessary. Leave -6db of headroom on your master bus. Please allow one week for the first draft.