Custom Mixing Template

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Do you want your vocals to instantly sound clean and polished the moment you record them?

I'll design you a custom vocal template so you can instantly get the sound of your favorite artists straight out the gate.

This will take the guess work out of figuring out what plugins you should use, and you'll be able to record faster by not having to create sessions from scratch.


Currently only for Logic Pro and Pro Tools. More DAWs will be included in the future. *


How It Works

  • As soon as you open the template, you'll be able to record into a pre-mixed project file that sounds polished straight out the gate.
  • Your template will be routed and organized just like songs from your favorite artists, so all you need to do is hit record.
  • Includes a personalized video that walks you through how to use the template.



  • Once purchased, contact
  • Use subject "Custom Mixing Template| * your name*"
  • State which DAW you use
  • List what artists you are inspired by
  • State if you want the template to only include stock plugins or if you want it to include 3rd party plugins (Waves, Universal Audio, Fab Filter, etc).


    • You'll likely need to make adjustments for each song, but this custom template will get you 80% of the way there without any guess work.
    • 3rd party plugins are not included.