Beat Mixing & Mastering

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Making beats is half of the battle. But for an artist to really be able to vibe out, the beat needs to sound clear, professional, loud, and have space for the artist to record their vocals. Now, you need it to sound professional. Mixing is the process of balancing each instrument in a song to achieve clarity, depth, warmth, and punch.

  • For beats ONLY; not full songs with vocals.
  • Up to 3 revisions
  • Alternative versions will be delivered upon request (untagged instrumental, tagged instrumental, unmastered beat, mastered beat, trackouts) 

Once purchased, send trackouts to
Use subject "Beat Mixing + Mastering | * your name*"

Send each individual track in 24-bit WAV format with no processing on them unless it is necessary. Leave -6db of headroom on your master bus. Please allow one week for the first draft.